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Client Calls: 0843 289 418

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Find out how quality slate can be used more effectively with the Nu-Lok Roofing System - click here

Natural Slate

Find out how quality Natural Slate can be used more effectively with the Nu-Lok Roofing System - click here

Nu Slate

Find out how quality Nu Slate roof can be used more effectively with the Nu-Lok Roofing System - click here

Solar PV Roof

Find out how quality solar roof can be used more effectively with the Nu-Lok Roofing System - click here

Commercial Roof

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Natural Slate Roof

Nu-lok nu slate


Nu-slate roofing is the new innovative and cost effective way to create a traditional looking roof, whilst featuring the real benefits of prestine looks, rapid fit and thus cost savings over a natural slate.

Nu slate

Solar PV Roof

Commercial Roof

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Nu-lok commercial roof.


The unique Nu-Lok Roofing System is the perfect solution for commercial building projects. The high level of flexibility and sustainability afforded by the patented fixing system and the benefits of the flush solar panel system delivers the No.1 solution to commercial projects.

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Nu-lok Slate Roof


Our system




Nu Lok Roof systems is the perfect roofing solution for rapid fit, cost effective Natural Slate, Nu Slate and Solar roofs. Worldwide 50 year warranty and expert fitting.


The key to the Nu-lok roofing system is its simplicity.


Proven around the world, the patented Nu-lok roofing system replaces traditional wooden battens with a lightweight galvanised steel grid system and a unique ‘clip in’ fixing system. The result is a slate roof that is substantially more efficient and structurally stable than traditional roofing methods. Nu-lok systems also

use less roofing product, while providing, durability, weather

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Nu-lok  natural slate roof.


Our full range of natural slate roofs are installed into the award winning Nu-Lok fixing system, our system has revolutionised the way natural roof slate is installed on roofs all over the world. Due to the unique fixing system, slate no longer needs to be double lapped or nailed.

Nu-lok solar PV roof.


Solar PV panels are traditionlly fixed on top of the roof, with Nu-Lok seamless solar inserts they actually become part of the roof and sit neatly in with the surrounding ceramic or natural slates, becoming a integrated part of the roof.

resistance and easy maintenance.


The Nu-lok roofing system incorporates specially designed link channels containing a high grade 316 steel clip for securing the leading tile edge, locked in place between galvanized steel battens.


The link channel eliminates the need for double-lapping of slates, as water passing through the gaps between slates is automatically routed onto the surface of the slate below.


With a Nu-lok roofing system you get a great-looking roof that is significantly lighter than traditional installations, quicker to install, and uses considerably less materials. And the cost savings from product, labour, and maintenance can be significant, making prestigious roofs more affordable.


The Nu-lok roofing system allows the use of ceramic slate or natural slate, and shingles can be replaced

in seconds courtesy of Nu-lok’s ‘clip in’ fixing system.




A revolution in roofing, the Nu-Lok System provides a prestigious slate roof that doesn’t cost the earth.


Easy to install, strong, and durable the patented Nu-Lok roofing system boasts impressive green credentials.


Less slate


Natural or ceramic slates are ‘locked’ to a lightweight galvanised steel grid system with no need for double-lapping of slates, so up to 40% fewer slates are required.


Less weight


At 27 kg per sq m, a Nu-Lok slate roof is up to 50% lighter than traditional roofing.



Less time and labour


Nu-Lok’s unique ‘clip in’ fixing system reduces installation time and labour and allows for speedy removal and replacement of individual slates if required.




The Nu-Lok

system uses



steel battens

rather than

traditional wooden battens.


Lifetime performance


Nu-Lok slate roofs come with a 50 year guarantee 

against colour

fade and structural

defects, so saving

the energy required

to manufacture

and install a

replacement roof.

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